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Kathleen Duckett McCann
Ms. McCann takes the time to understand her clients’ unique situation and thoroughly prepares her cases in order to achieve the best results possible under the law. It is important that each client understand how the law applies to his or her case. Ms. McCann educates her clients so that they have a realistic expectation of possible outcomes both in and out of court. Ms. McCann’s initial approach to each contested case is to explore whether or not settlement through negotiation or mediation is possible. She has been trained in collaborative law and mediation, both of which emphasize working with the opposing party so that both sides receive a fair and reasonable result. Typically, an exchange of pertinent information is necessary so that there is a level playing field on which to negotiate. In order to make an informed decision regarding settlement, clients need a thorough understanding of all pertinent information. In most cases, it is possible to reach a fair agreement on all issues so as to minimize the financial and emotional toll on the family. In some cases, for whatever reason, it is not possible to reach a reasonable settlement out of court. In that event, Ms. McCann advocates her clients’ position zealously in court. She prepares her cases and her clients for trial so that they know what to expect in court.
Ms. McCann is mindful of the difficult circumstances in which many of her clients find themselves. She guides her clients through the legal process with patience and understanding. She wants her clients to feel that they are being heard and that their concerns are being addressed. And, if it is necessary to take a case to trial, she wants her clients to feel that they have, in fact, had their day in court.
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